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Australian Chinese Radio – About Us


History of 2ac:

2ac Australian Chinese Radio was founded in 1995 and began broadcasting on the 15th of July that year. For more than ten years, the staff of 2ac has worked with collective wisdom and concerted efforts to provide our Mandarin and Cantonese audiences with updated and accurate news and information, as well as high-quality entertaining programs.


When electronic media of Sydney's Chinese community was still in its initial stage, a group of professionals from various industries who were enthusiastic about radio broadcasting proposed to the government for a one-hour regular Cantonese broadcast on its provided channels. They worked together with one heart, and showed their own special prowess to report the most updated news and information for the Chinese community.


Among these professionals, some of them acted out their dream of operating their own radio station. After countless night-long meetings and more than six months' preparation, with the support of some good-hearted people, they finally founded 2ac Australian Chinese Radio with Mandarin and Cantonese programs which accompanies its audience 24 hours day-and-night.


2ac Australian Chinese Radio was situated next door of Sydney's Chinese library on George Street, close to the Chinese community when it was firstly founded. A passionate audience unceasingly came to the station to show their support. With their loving support and encouragement, 2ac Australian Chinese Radio has been developed over time with a constantly enriching variety of programs. 2ac Australian Chinese Radio now resides in World Square, George St.

A Radio Station for the Community:

According to Australia government's census report, among Sydney's ethnic Chinese people who speak Mandarin or Cantonese, more than 30% described their English level as unsatisfactory. Facing an audience from different places of origin, 2ac provides the opportunity for access to information and entertainment overcoming present language barriers. 


Brief news reports are updated hourly, while news bulletins, covering comprehensive and breaking news from Australia, China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), and all over the world are broadcasted four times a day. Proximity of our news segments rivals any local mainstream English radio.


2ac Australian Chinese Radio has also broadcasted many informative programs which deepen the audience's knowledge of mainstream society and reinforce communication and collaboration between the Chinese community and the overall Australian population. And for sure, 2ac caters for the needs of audience from all age groups and all walks of life. We produce various programs covering the categories of medicine, education, culture, cooking, finance & economics, history, and other entertaining programs. There are also phone-in programs which enable the audience to express their aspirations, inquire program schedules, and voice their opinions. The Radio has also worked with many travel agencies cooperatively to run holiday tours which included sightseeing around Australia and various countries overseas. These activities having numerous participants, received a large amount of praise from all.


Apart from broadcasting of radio programs, 2ac is always providing different activities of our audience, such as local tours, overseas travelling, dinner events, computer classes and some relaxing and interesting gatherings.


Notable Events and Accomplishments:

-         2008 Beijing Olympic Games; Radio Beijing Corporation Collaboration on air.

-         2009 – 2018 attending the Radio Development Forum & Global Chinese Broadcasting Cooperation Conference in Beijing, Qing Hai, Los Angela, Vancouver, Wuhan, Hu Bei, Chong Qing, Guang Zhou, Ji Lin, Yun Nan, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc.

-         2010-2018 Global Chinese Golden Chart Conference 

-         2018 November achieved The NSW Premier's Multicultural Communications Awards   - “Best Audio Report”.   The awards recognize excellence in the multicultural media and marketing industry.      

-         Transition to online streaming – accessible worldwide

-         China’s Beijing Radio – New Year Celebration 

-         RTHK Hong Kong Radio – Hong Kong’s New Year Celebration

-         Regular inclusions of distinguished celebrities, politicians, journalists, and correspondents in 2ac news segments.


2ac Broadcasting Collaborations:

-         China National Radio, China Radio International, RBC, RTHK, HK Commercial Radio, HK Metro, BBC and Taiwan HitFM. 

Our Goal:

In the years ahead, we would try our very best to further improve the quality of our programs by providing better, faster, and more in-depth news and information to our listeners. We are committed to this and we cherish your continuous support to us.


Again, many thanks for all your support in the past and we hope you will continue to support us in future.

Awards Achievement

· Date: 7th September, 2011

Theme:  The 2nd Global Chinese Broadcasting Conference   

 Place:Wuhan City Hubei Province, China

 Entry:Program - Roaming times, No Longer Lonely

 Program Host: Zhang Yue and Guo Ziyuan

 Achievement:  Global Chinese Broadcasting Award 

· Date:  7th September, 2011

Theme: The 2nd Global Chinese Broadcasting Conference   

Place: Wuhan City Hubei Province, China

Entry: The Morning Breakfast

Program Host:  Han Xue 

 Achievement:  GCBC - the Charismatic Host Award Nomination 

·Date:  August, 2013

Theme: The 3rd Global Chinese Broadcasting Conference   

Place: Urumqi, Xinjiang, China

Entry:“Looking For You In The Crowd “

Program Host: Xiao Yixun and Liang Yuhua

Achievement:GCBC - the Contribution for Public Welfare Award 

·Date: 12th June, 2015

Theme: The 4th Global Chinese Broadcasting Conference   

 Place: Yanji, Jilin, China

 Entry:  “ Amazing Weekend “

 Program Host: Xiaoyu Guo and Liu Xiaoai

 Achievement:Charismatic Host Award 


· Date: 12th June, 2015

 heme:The 4th Global Chinese Broadcasting Conference   

Place:  Yanji, Jilin, China

Entry:  “Stories Around You “

Program Host:  Liu Xiaoai

Achievement: Public Welfare Award Nomination.

· Date:  May 2018

Theme: GCBC Program Competition  

Place:  Beijing, China

Entry:  “The Future of China“

Program Host:Xiao Han & Lu Kexin

Achievement:The 2nd Award of Program Presentation


·Date:  6th November, 2018

Theme: NSW Premier’s Multicultural Community Award

Place: Sydney Olympic Park,  NSW

Entry:   “The Future of China“

Program Host: Han Xiao      

Achievement: The Best Audio in NSW - 2018